“Sneaky: Venezuela Secretly Plotted to Sell Banned Syrian Oil to the U.S.”

Bloomberg Politics reported that a previously undisclosed plan aimed to sell Syrian oil at a significant discount to Venezuela through a Russian shell company which would be refined at a city’s facility in Aruba and distributed to gas stations in the US and elsewhere according to dozens of emails, documents, and interviews.

Syrian oil was banned due to Bashar Assad’s brutal crackdown on political dissidents in 2011, which blossomed into the ongoing Syrian civil war.

The report goes on to describe the Venezuela- Syria scheme:

“Indicates the extent to which the two pariah nations are willing to go to evade international rules and antagonize global powers.”

You can only feel awful for the starving Venezuelan people as their socialist government continues to go down the road to ruin. 

Alex Deluce

Creator of NIRP Umbrella.