“Thousands are now off food stamps after the state of Georgia implements work requirements”

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, more than half of the 11,779 people enrolled to receive food stamps in 21 counties have dropped out, a 62% plunge.

The state initially implemented its work requirements in three counties in January 2016. Since then, it has expanded to an additional 21 counties. People residing in those counties have until April 1, 2017 to either find a job or lose all food stamp benefits.

The recipients of food benefits must: 

o Work at least 20 hours a week
o Be enrolled in state-approved job training
o Volunteer for state approved non-profit or charity.


Moving forward the plan is to push the work requirements to all and 159 counties in the state by 2019. By 2018, 60 more will be added.


Around 1.6 million people in Georgia use food stamps which are subsidized by federal dollars.

Recently, Pres. Donald Trump’s budget proposed a $192 billion cut to food stamps over the next decade.



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  • Julie Andrews

    This is the right thing to do, we can’t afford to be giving away more tax payer money to folks that are capable of working! I agree with this.

    • Drew Ingber Garfinkel

      youre very clueless. what about the children? what about the truly disabled? so, now we starve the really helpless. Do you know any people who are just poor? I wish you luck, and hope you never fall from the grace you seem to be in. Im sure youre a good christian soul. just ….well i guess christ and his message… not for you